Socialist Majority Bylaws

Provisionally adopted on January 13, 2019

  1. NAME AND PURPOSE – The name of this caucus is Socialist Majority. Its purpose is to organize for majoritarian, inclusive, and democratic socialist politics within Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), consistent with the policies and politics of DSA. Its activities will be confined to organizing, educating, and coordinating members of DSA.

  2. MEMBERSHIP AND VOTING – Any member of DSA who publicly commits to the caucus’s shared points of unity is a member of the Socialist Majority caucus.
    • Each member shall have one vote.
    • Members shall vote via electronic communication. All matters to be voted on by the membership shall be voted on by simple majority vote except as otherwise stated in these bylaws.
    • The general membership shall be the highest decision-making body of the caucus.
    • Members shall be removed from the caucus only in the case of a 60% vote of the Steering Committee, or in the event of resignation, or in the event that they no longer meet the requirements for eligibility in the caucus.
    • A vote of the general membership via electronic communication shall be conducted whenever at least two members of the Steering Committee move to conduct such a vote.

  3. STEERING COMMITTEE – The Steering Committee shall carry out the decisions of the membership and is responsible for organizing meetings and calls, taking notes during meetings and calls, informing members of events, administering internal caucus elections, administering votes of the membership, administering the public communications of the caucus, and administering the finances of the caucus.
    • The Steering Committee will have nine members.
    • Each member of the Steering Committee will have one vote in decisions made in the Steering Committee.
    • The Steering Committee should reflect the diversity of the caucus.
    • The Steering Committee members may vote to organize themselves in roles such as co-chair, treasurer, secretary, and others as needed.
    • The Steering Committee may delegate their duties to members of the caucus not on the Steering Committee, or add non-voting members to the committee as needed to conduct the business of the caucus.
    • The Steering Committee shall call votes of the membership as needed to inform the decisions of the committee and direction of the caucus.

    • The election for Steering Committee of the caucus shall take place in February or March of each year. In the case of a vacancy in the Steering Committee, a special election may be held or the Steering Committee may appoint an interim Steering Committee member.
    • All members of the Socialist Majority caucus who meet the qualifications outlined in Article II shall be eligible for the Steering Committee.
    • The Steering Committee shall announce the beginning of the nomination process via electronic communication. The nomination period shall be at least 1 week. After the conclusion of the nomination period, nominees shall be announced by the Steering Committee at least 1 week before close of the election. Nominees shall be given the opportunity to address the membership and outline their qualifications for the position via electronic communication.
    • Contested elections shall be conducted with ranked choice secret ballot voting. Uncontested candidates are elected automatically.
    • Elected members assume their responsibilities active immediately upon conclusion of the vote.

  5. NPC AND OTHER NATIONAL ELECTIONSShould the Socialist Majority caucus put forward candidates for National Political Committee (NPC), or other national election, the number of candidates put forward and composition of the slate shall be decided by a vote of the general membership. The vote will be conducted in the same manner as election for Steering Committee under Article IV.

  6. BYLAWSThe bylaws of the caucus shall be the governing document of the caucus. In instances where the bylaws of the caucus contradict or violate the constitution or bylaws of DSA, the constitution or bylaws of DSA shall take precedence.
    • Bylaw amendments shall be proposed by a member of the Steering Committee. Amendments shall be approved by a 60% vote of the membership. Amendments shall be announced at least 1 week before close of the vote.

  7. RELATIONSHIP TO DSASocialist Majority is not an official body of DSA. It is against the policy of the caucus for any financial or staff resources from DSA to be used for internal caucus business. The Caucus shall refrain from using official DSA communication channels except where other unofficial DSA caucuses are allowed to do so. The caucus shall refrain from any activities that undermine DSA as an organization.