About Us

Why We Are Forming a Caucus 

Socialist Majority is a group of DSA members united by the belief that our most urgent task is to build a socialist majority by organizing and campaigning for immediate demands. We share a vision of DSA as a national organization governed democratically and openly from the bottom up that fights for concrete gains for the working class. Our primary emphasis is not theoretical, but practical. We believe a national caucus can play an important role in putting forward a vision for the direction and work of the organization. We seek to create a DSA where everyone who wants to build working-class power belongs.

In the coming weeks, we’ll hold elections to determine caucus leadership. We will also present our program for DSA and publish the first of many blog posts where caucus members address the issues they see in the organization.

Our caucus rules are simple. We will model the democratic culture we want for DSA. Any DSA member can join Socialist Majority by reading and signing on to our shared principles.

Socialist Majority Bylaws

This set of bylaws was provisionally adopted on January 13, 2019.