Write for us!

Welcome to the Blog of the Socialist Majority caucus of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

We want to grow a mass socialist movement capable of taking on the capitalist class. Learning from the experiences and perspectives of our comrades is a key part of that mission. That is why we encourage you to submit your own pieces. These could be ideas for how to grow a national movement of organic leaders, lessons learned through struggle, an analysis of how power shapes the political landscape, or local campaigns in your chapter that are actively advancing democratic socialism.

Pieces published on the blog do not reflect the perspective of the caucus as whole. In fact, there may be instances where caucus members write articles that disagree or contradict with each other. Our hope is that by publishing positions from different caucus members from around the country, we can give light to new perspectives, sharpen our analysis, and aid in the task of building a working class movement.

You can submit pieces by emailing